Just how to change the pump oil in vacuum product packaging maker?

Just before the oil modification, the pump must be competing 15-30 mins, stop after the oil temperature climbs, open the oil plug, vacant the oil, and then tighten up the oil connect, always keep oil to the new pump at defined height.If there is hefty contamination, at that point put brand new oil to re-operation, so that the pump clean good enough. The solenoid shutoff needs to be cleansed for every single three to six months of continual operation.

Actions as follow :

A, remove the solenoid shutoff

B, open up the solenoid valve, the valve chair, body system, sachet packing machines core and also spring, put into the 90 # gasoline for cleansing

C, dry the gas on the components, then put up according to the order (just before the setup of iron need to be coated along with a percentage of lubricating oil)

D, energy test, if the shutoff possesses a tough resonance or strange audio, sachet packing machine China should re-remove the valve body, switch a particular angle and then re-installed, examination once again till no sound.

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